As the pandemic necessitates continued physical distancing, tech companies worldwide have turned to remote working to ensure the stability of their businesses. This episode of TMT Talk explores the working-from-home phenomenon from a data privacy, tax, and employment standpoint. Join Kate Alexander, Michael Brewer, Michiel Kloes, and Flavia Rebello as they share powerful insights on this essential aspect of our new normal. https://open.spotify.com/episode/1dCuCXF4qz8Tp1Cz66bHBK

Introduction Now more than ever, the pandemic has underscored how the availability of healthy and motivated employees is essential to the success of a business. This is even more true for tech companies like software and video game developers who rely heavily on the talent of their employees in all areas to make the product successful. Employee engagement, physical and mental health, and strong performance should thus be a top priority for a buyer or…

The impact of COVID-19 has never been more visible as in the transformation of global employment. With Raffaele Giarda, Susan Eandi and Bernhard Trappehl provide insights into how different technology companies handle the requirements and adjustments that inevitably come with the worldwide quarantine and the work-from-home dynamics that currently define our new normal. This episode of TMT Talk also looks into the future of work and explores what we can expect from a world beyond COVID-19. https://open.spotify.com/episode/5uIdGGss2zf5GRJi08Sdpg

The UK Supreme Court has today allowed two appeals which provide some welcome relief for UK employers in relation to the treatment of vicarious (secondary) liability under English law generally, but leave a sting in the tail when considering data breaches committed by employees: Morrisons v Various Claimants – a significant and long running employment and data protection case in which the lower courts had found Morrisons to be vicariously liable for a data breach…