Renata Amaral


In this episode of TMT Talk, Harry Valetk is joined by Renata Amaral, Head of the Environment, Climate Change and Sustainability Practice Group at Trench Rossi Watanabe in Brazil, to discuss consumer protection in the video gaming industry with a special focus on advertising. Learn what makes video game consumers a special category of consumers, who acts as providers according to the law and court decisions, how the law considers children video game consumers and much more.

Companies in the Technology, Media, and Telecommunications sector face a different set of regulations as the world attempts to create a new normal. This episode of TMT Talk zeroes in on how the enforcement of environment compliance has changed and how health and safety measures have evolved to prepare for the employees’ return to the workplace. Join Adrian Lawrence, Renata Amaral, and Graham Stuart as they share their perspectives on these key issues affecting the tech industry.