Carlos Davila-Peniche


In this episode, Harry Valetk, is joined by Carlos Dávila-Peniche, based in Mexico City and Daniel Villanueva, based in Guadalajara, to discuss consumer protection in video games with a special focus on age ratings. Join us to hear more about how to meet challenges around age ratings, global classifications, localization expectations, how to comply with age ratings in app stores or console purchases, and much more.

General purpose After several attempts to classify the content of video games in Mexico, the Ministry of Interior (SEGOB) on November 27, 2020, published the General Guidelines of the Mexican System of Classification Equivalencies for Video Game Content. It is more likely than not that the Mexican government borrowed a page from the Entertainment Software Rating Board (ESRB) classification system applied in United States. Moreover, the guidelines set the content specifications for classification purposes, specifying…