Baker McKenzie’s TMT Looking Ahead 2022 five-part series explores key themes, offers timely insights, and lays out recommendations for technology, media and telecommunication (TMT) companies looking to navigate the latest industry developments. Topics covered include tech regulation and compliance, tech M&A, interactive entertainment, 5G and TMT as the driver of change.

Report 3: Interactive Entertainment and Metaverses

Emerging new interactive entertainment technologies and metaverses are creating opportunities for companies to scale and diversify their businesses. On the transactional front, innovators are rolling up assets via SPACS or existing publicly listed entities to achieve competitive advantage. With this watershed moment comes the need for companies to consider how to manage heightened regulatory scrutiny vis-a-vis consumer protection, antitrust, data and more.

Report 3 of the series discusses:

  • How huge investments in metaverse technologies, including cloud and connectivity as well as Augmented Reality (AR)/ Virtual Reality (VR) technology, can be expected
  • Why there will be anticipated record M&A deals as convergence in the video streaming and gaming sectors drives transactions — with cautionary regulatory headwinds
  • How companies are protecting and monetizing their IP in metaverse environments to drive new revenue streams
  • What increased regulatory focus on metaverses include in terms of protection/use of data, digital payments and content moderation

Other Reports in the Series

Report 1 on Tech Regulation and Compliance

The TMT industry drives the rapid pace and scope of digital transformation through new strategies and the development of innovative technologies, products and services that help to refine how we work, live and do business. As the pace of innovation accelerates, new regulatory and compliance questions and considerations will continue to arise.

Report 2 on Tech Mergers & Acquisitions

Competitive TMT companies are using M&A, joint ventures and strategic alliances to access technology in order to create innovative solutions and services. Given deal volume, speed and complexity, companies need to manage risk and regulatory implications in order to achieve deal certainty as they reshape or grow their business, particularly with cross-border M&A and large-scale investments. 

Report 4 on 5G as a Driver of Digital Transformation (Launching June 2022)

With its high-speed connections, ultra-low latency, and ability to transmit huge volumes of data and enable simultaneous connections with multiple devices, 5G is helping to drive many important new business opportunities. As 5G enables the connection of massive Internet of Things networks, it is set to shape global industries.

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Report 5 on TMT Industry as the Driver of Change (Launching July 2022)

Major tech companies are continuing to turn their attention to how they relate to wider society. Inclusion and diversity is a top priority for TMT companies who want to be proactive in this space. Find out how and why TMT companies are focused on ensuring that the companies they do business with share their values, and that cascades down to suppliers and customers. ESG issues are more important than ever.

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