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In part two of What Do Emerging State Privacy Laws Really Mean for B2B Companies, Global Chair of Data Privacy & Security Brian Hengesbaugh gave an overview on the substance of the new state privacy laws emerging in the United States. In part three, Brian talks collective next steps for B2B companies, covering actions that can be taken now to prepare. Click here to watch part three.

In part two, Global Chair of Data Privacy & Security Brian Hengesbaugh guides through the substance of these emerging laws, dissecting scope, types of data affected, and more. Click below to watch Brian share his thoughts on actions B2B companies should be prepared to take given what we know now. Click the video below to watch. Click here to watch part two.

As of February 15th, twelve other states (in addition to California and Nevada) have either released new or revived old data privacy and protection bills that did not pass during last year’s legislative sessions. Through a four part video series, Global Chair of Data Privacy & Security Brian Hengesbaugh breaks down the need-to-know information for B2B businesses, including what companies could be considering now to prepare. Part one serves as an introduction, addressing the importance of the…

In 2018, California enacted the California Consumer Privacy Act (“CCPA”), the first state-level “omnibus” privacy law, which imposes broad obligations on businesses to provide state residents with transparency and control of their personal data. This year, Maine and Nevada have followed suit and passed legislation focused on consumer privacy, and Pennsylvania has a consumer privacy bill currently under legislative review. Other states in which US companies do business saw similar legislation, such as Hawaii, Illinois,…