Data Residency


In this episode of Connect On Tech, your host Brian Hengesbaugh is joined by Adam Aft and Peter George, two partners in Baker McKenzie’s Chicago office. Together they will discuss the 2019 Cloud and Data Survey. Tune in to learn: Key trends identified through the surveyTips and strategies for managing multiple provider cloud implementationsBest practices for navigating data residency requirements https://open.spotify.com/episode/3yTXAmfHkVQp0Ju2ARTEP2

Fact is that some tax, bookkeeping and corporate laws in some jurisdictions historically required certain records to stay in-country. But such requirements apply only to certain kinds of records and they generally do not prohibit the transfer of data into the cloud so long as originals or back-up copies are also kept local. If, and to the extent, such laws apply, copies of records may still be uploaded into the global cloud solution, whether self-hosted…