Schrems II Resource Hub

On July 16, the European Court of Justice issued a landmark ruling invalidating the EU – US Privacy Shield Framework in Case C-311/18 (Schrems II). Baker McKenzie is pleased to offer resources below which add more detail to the ruling, what it effects, and how companies should proceed.

About Schrems II

FULL TEXT: Judgement of the Court

WATCH: Schrems II: European Court of Justice Upholds the SCCs and Invalidates the EU-US Privacy Shield Framework

What does the decision mean?

‘Schrems II,’ data transfers and Brexit — What are the implications?

What ‘Schrems II’ means for controller-to-processor SCCs

The impact ‘Schrems II’ has on controller-to-controller SCCs

What ‘Schrems II’ means for companies that rely on derogations

LISTEN: TMT Talk Episode 16 — Shrems II – Impact on the TMT Sector

New US Commerce Department Guidance of Government Data Access Safeguards

CJEU provides a strict framework for national security surveillance measures

What’s next?

What Privacy Shield organizations should do in the wake of ‘Schrems II’

BCRs as a robust alternative to Privacy Shield and SCCs

Technology, media and telecommunications services after ‘Schrems II’

7 predictions for the road ahead after ‘Schrems II’

M&A Transactions in Light of Schrems II and Recent EDPB Recommendation on Supplementary Measures

Key guidance

Draft EDPB guidance on essential guarantees

Draft EDPB guidance on supplemental data transfer measures

European Commission: Standard contractual clauses for transferring personal data to non-EU countries

Other resources

2017 Surveillance Law Comparison Guide

2020 Global Data Privacy & Security Handbook