Samantha Mobley


On 16 July 2020, the European Commission announced the launch of a sector inquiry into the market for consumer products and services linked to the Internet of Things (IoT). The Commission defines IoT broadly. The sector inquiry is likely to cover any consumer facing system connecting physical or virtual objects to other objects or the internet. This includes smart home appliances and wearables (e.g., fitness trackers or smart watches). Commissioner Vestager says voice assistants are…

Antitrust risks for TMT companies, as with any company, make having a robust antitrust compliance program more important than ever. And instilling a “culture of compliance” is a crucial part of any such program. In this episode of TMT Talk, partners Carolina Pardo, Creighton Macy and Samantha Mobley discuss key antitrust compliance issues and how they apply to the Technology, Media, and Telecommunications sector.

Regulators have extensive resources at their disposal to enforce compliance with their laws and guidance – and an increasing number of companies conduct activities which are regulated, from data processing to selling to consumers. This article sets out our top tips for developing a constructive and effective global strategy for engaging with regulators. Click here to read on.

Manufacturers are being urged by governments around the world to expand production to include life-saving medical technology to tackle COVID-19. We’ve produced an alert (here) to help guide manufacturers which are new to this space on key legal challenges. As COVID-19 infections increase globally, health systems face a shortage of life-saving equipment and essential supplies to tackle the virus. Until a pharmacological treatment is developed, ventilators are vital treatment for the minority of COVID-19 patients…