Lawrence Lee


In this special edition, Sue McLean, partner and global tech lead for fintech and blockchain, talks to David Hart, a partner in our London office, and Lawrence C. Lee, a partner in our Palo Alto office, to discuss recent trends and developments around fintech. In this episode, they share their observations on recent innovations and take a closer look at various strategies behind the increase in investment and M&A activity. Fintech players, once seen as…

Technology has facilitated ever-increasing content creation and with this benefit comes less-than-desirable phenomena, like fake news and defamatory content. This, along with the opportunities and challenges that user-generated content creates for the tech industry, has made the regulation of online content a global hot topic. In this episode of TMT Talk, Carolina Pardo, Janet Mackenzie, Lawrence Lee, Lex Kuo, and Gabriela Paiva-Morette discuss the trends and recent updates on the measures employed worldwide to tackle this issue.