Across the globe, governments are taking steps to gradually reduce lockdown measures and re-open their economies. As new measures are enacted across a world still battling a pandemic, companies will need to prepare for a gradual transition back into the workplace amid a changed landscape.

Join Baker McKenzie for a global webinar series, in coordination with the World Business Council for Sustainable Development (WBCSD), to address the challenges multinational employers are facing to achieve a necessary balance between maintaining a safe workplace and putting people back to work.

During the programs, each region will cover key considerations for employers to address in planning for a reopening of the workplace, including but not limited to on-site data collections, remote workforce monitoring, vendors engaged in remote servicing, contact tracing methods and more.

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Brian provides advice on global data privacy, data protection, cybersecurity, digital media, direct marketing information management, and other legal and regulatory issues. He is Chair of Baker McKenzie's Global Data Privacy and Security group.

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