Managing risk and crisis in an information-driven digital world

Data is a critical asset as businesses seek to stay afloat and remain competitive in today’s globally connected economy in light of COVID-19. The global pandemic and corresponding economic disruptions have increased the value of remote servicing and teleworking, and reinforced the focus on data and the macro trends associated with digitalization.

Adopting these new technologies for both remote working and business continuity mechanisms give rise to concerns over data breaches and other risks on the side of employees and employers. More than ever before, companies are facing pressure to put extraordinary measures in place to protect personal and business data and to stay agile and resilient against the outbreak and into the future.

Baker McKenzie is pleased to bring you our 2020 Global Data Privacy & Security Handbook, which provides detailed overviews of the increasingly complex and sophisticated data privacy and security standards in over 50 countries.

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Brian provides advice on global data privacy, data protection, cybersecurity, digital media, direct marketing information management, and other legal and regulatory issues. He is Chair of Baker McKenzie's Global Data Privacy and Security group.

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