In this episode, Brian welcomes back Lothar Determann, partner in our Palo Alto office, to cover the ins and outs of electronic signatures. Download and listen to learn:

  • The benefits of using e-signature over traditional pen and paper
  • Examples of areas of law where e-Signatures may not suffice
  • Practical considerations to be made when choosing to execute a contract via e-signature
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Brian provides advice on global data privacy, data protection, cybersecurity, digital media, direct marketing information management, and other legal and regulatory issues. He is Chair of Baker McKenzie's Global Data Privacy and Security group.


Lothar has been helping companies in Silicon Valley and around the world take products, business models, intellectual property and contracts global for nearly 20 years. He advises on data privacy law compliance, information technology commercialization, interactive entertainment, media, copyrights, open source licensing, electronic commerce, technology transactions, sourcing and international distribution at Baker McKenzie in San Francisco & Palo Alto.

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